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Transposi­tion as Artist­ic Prac­tice

The artistic research project Illuminating the Non-Representable was launched with a symposium that invited guests from cross-disciplinary artistic practices to investigate and discuss the transformative role of illustration in contemporary communication. At the center is the discussion of what defines illustration practices in our times, and what ethics and challenges are connected to this.

Program October 19th


Symposium opening by Vice Dean Anne-Helen Mydland


Dr. Michael Schwab


The video presentation introduces the more visual side of his work on transpositions as aesthetico-epistemic operators in artistic research.

Dr. Michael Schwab is Editor-in-Chief, Journal for Artistic Research (JAR)



Jaleen Grove

What is Illustration? Framing Our Research

This presentation explores the definition of illustration in the European tradition, and interrogates its embedded assumptions and biases. Drawing from non-European traditions, it proposes some alternatives that may empower minorities and suggest new avenues of approach in transposition and illustration research.

Jaleen Grove is an Assistant Professor, Illustration at Rhode Island School of Design.


Sebastian Klein

Is This A Human Being

This project explores new methods to prevent racism and antisemittism among young people.

Sebastian Klein is Leader of education at the Falstad Centre, Project leader DEMBRA Mid-Norway, Project leader.


Imi Maufe


How are artist’s books and other artworks contained by boxes and for what purpose is the box format used?

In this talk Imi Maufe looks at how artists' books and other artworks that are housed in boxes inform the we way we read the work, what the box does to the experience of discovering the contents, and why is this format used.

Imi Maufe is an independent artist, Bergen.


Fredrik Rysjedal & Ana Carrasco

Sonic Illustrations

This project examines illustration executed outside its traditional realm in a cross-disciplinary cooperation between the Norwegian Meteorological Institute in Oslo and Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen

Fredrik Rysjedal is an independent artist, Bergen. Ana Carrasco is a researcher at The Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Oslo.


Hilde Kramer

Short summary


Discussion continues on Zoom. Join the Zoom talk here.

Program October 20th


Dániel Péter Biró

Movements of History - Transpositions of Spirit

The presentation sets out to give an overview of his artistic research as a composer. The artistic research both contextualizes and responds to historical and contemporary issues of xenophobia and freedom of expression.

Dániel Péter Biró is a Professor for Composition, The Grieg Academy - Department of Music, Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen.


Pınar Yelmi

Sounds of Istanbul

This research aims to investigate ways for designing an interactive visual interface for archiving the cultural sounds of Istanbul. The Soundscape of Istanbul project approaches everyday traditions and daily urban life from a sonic perspective. The project intends to increase public awareness of cultural sounds by means of exhibitions.

Pınar Yelmi is an Assistant Professor, Işık University, Turkey.


Stephanie Black

Illustration and the Other: reflective nostalgia and critical practice

The presentation proposes that the concept of reflective nostalgia is a useful tool for illustration to employ in this regard, a strategy derived from reflections on an expanded illustration project undertaken by the author.

Stephanie Black is a Lecturer in Illustration, Kingston University



Charles Michalsen

From Idea to Indication

Video work investigation light and darkness and the transposition of a stone from nature to art.

Charles Michalsen is Associate Professor, Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design.


Anastasiia Raina

Machines Have Eyes

This presentation explores the role of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in BioArt and BioDesign. By exploring evolutionary development processes in Nature and Neural Networks—generating shape from a single cell into a whole organism, from noise to the pixel, the presentations looks at Generative Adversarial Network algorithms as a way for artists and designers to engage with the intelligence that has been programmed into them and a method for transposition, visual research and form-making.

Anastasiia Raina is an Assistant Professor, RISD, USA


Maia Urstad


Maia Urstad works in the intersection between visual art and sound art. She is invited to talk about her lifelong interest for radios as visual objects and sonic elements and the particular sound universe that derives from radio transmission. The sound installation Time-Tone-Passages was made for a site-specific listening experience in the German city Bonn in 2019, adapting archive material from Deutsche Welle, an international broadcasting station working since 1953.


Hilde Kramer

Short summary


Discussion continues on Zoom. Join the Zoom talk here.