Sound as illustration

Hilde Kramer, Fredrik Rysjedal and Thanee Andino 2020-2023

This project examines illustrations executed outside its traditional realm. Accepting the obligation to operate in the service of an idea and to communicate something particular, the project seeks to identify a specific illustration methodology and constituted knowledge, and investigate these through the medium of sound, beginning with central topoi in visual storytelling such as ‘character/ actor’, ‘scenography/ environment’ ‘narrative images' ’dramaturgy’/’plot’ and 'style'. May the transposition lead to new understanding of the field of illustration? A series of interviews have been conducted with practitioners within various artistic fields, has guided our work. We especially thank the illustrators who have shared their thought on how they work. Many of these interviews have been published through the podcast Illustratørpodden (2021 - ).

The backdrop of our research is the place Momarken in south-east Norway; an ancient market place and arena for horse racing. Itt had a near escape from becoming the last Nazi-German concentration camp built on European territory. From 1950 it became an annual market place and concert arena with international stars. What are the stories that people in the place have told? Who are in the picture? Who is remembered, and why?

The artistic works made in this work package are: How Long Did You Stay in The Water? (Rysjedal, Carrasco and Hureau 2020), Music from Siberia (Kramer and Andino 2021), Return Ticket to Oslo (Andino and Kramer 2023). Sounds from the Quarry (Kramer, Andino and Carvalho 2023).

This map was drawn by an architect who was incarcerated at Grini prisoner camp 1944. It shows the planned concentration camp at Momarken. Arkivverket: RAFA-3915.  Forsvaret, Forsvarets overkommando II CI-Questionaires.