Transposi­tion as Artist­ic Prac­tice Arrow-right

A streamed event lasting for two days

The opening event of the project is a symposium that invites guests from cross-disciplinary artistic practices to investigate and discuss the transformative role of illustration in contemporary communication. At the center of this is the discussion of what defines illustration practices in our times, and ethics and challenges connected to this.

Material­ity, Space and Embodi­ment Arrow-right

Transformative illustration in communication & entanglements with the other

IN-R Symposium 2: Materiality, Space & Embodiment is the second year of a three-year project funded by the Norwegian Artistic Research Program. This year’s virtual artistic research symposium explores how illustration can offer insight and meet social needs through engagement with complex materialities. A 3-day symposium highlights keynote speakers Prof. Nina Sabnani (India), Prof. Johanna Drucker (USA) and Senior Research Fellow Sarah Bodman (UK) as well as artists, and designers, to engage in tailor-made workshops, and live exchanges that explore the diverse landscape that has unfolded through social transformations, technological changes and novel approaches in illustration.

OCTOBER 10th, SUNDAY 15:00 (CET+1) Information about workshops
OCTOBER 15th, FRIDAY 15:00–20:00 (CET+1) Symposium talks
OCTOBER 16th, SATURDAY 15:00–20:40 (CET+1) Symposium talks
OCTOBER 17th, SUNDAY 15:00–21:00 (CET+1) Workshops and Poster Sessions

Illu­strat­ion and the Non‑Repre­sent­able

Date TBA
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The final symposium will conclude the artistic research of the three main projects. It takes place, once again, in a cross-disciplinary setting. Falstadsenteret is an important partner in the development of this event.