Er dette et menneske Arrow-right

This project explores new methods to prevent racism and antisemitism among young people. It transposes the workshop-based methodology developed in a pilot project in Łódź, Poland. The new project treats the fate of Norwegian Jews deported from Trondheim in 1942. The exploration of drawing as a tool for learning will continue in this branch of the project. Is the message altered when a site-specific methodology is used in a new place; how does that affect the culture semiotic aspects?

Non‑Book: Designing a book that conveys the Holo­caust in Litzmann­stadt ghetto 1939‑1945 Arrow-right

This project is a continuation of artistic research in Łódź, Poland during the period 2016 to 2019. It explores innovating book design approaches and challenges our expectations of what reading is. Illustration as tangible objects is another central aspect explored. Holocaust teaching and mediation has since the end of WWII developed certain common design features and color combinations. May new design practices make us understand forgotten or unseen aspects of what happened? The experimentations take place in Bergen, Norway and in workshops in Łódź, Poland. It is planned to be concluded to be part of the 80th commemoration of the children from Litzmannstadt ghetto in Łódź 2022.

Sonic illustra­tions Arrow-right

This project examines illustration executed outside its traditional realm. Accepting the obligation to operate in the service of an idea and to communicate something particular, the project seeks to identify a specific illustration methodology and constituted knowledge, and investigate these through the medium of sound, beginning with central topoi in visual storytelling such as ‘character/ actor’, ‘scenography/ environment’ ‘narrative images' ’dramaturgy’/’plot’ and 'style'. May the transposition lead to new understanding of the field of illustration? The mediated content is the layered history of a small suburban place of south east Norway, Momarken; an ancient market place and arena for horse racing, that had a near escape from becoming the last Nazi-German concentration camp built on European territory.